Need a custom solution?

Talk to our experts. We spend so much time designing and deploying custom solutions for our customers that we will help you plan and design a tailor made solution for your needs. Our datacenter staff is highly knowledgeable and can assist in planning and developing an infrastructure that will suit your needs. Consultation is free and we are here to help you meet your requirements in our Tampa datacenter.

Why OneColo?

OneColo presents its customers with a variety of options that can be explored with our "custom build" program. Whether you will need a custom cabinet, cage, or standalone suite configured and built to meet each customer's specific needs. This program makes it easy to receive the precise space, power, and security features required by your company's rollout plan. The OneColo Tampa Datacenter facility is the result of extensive planning and years of experience in datacenter management that we will deliver the latest in technological innovations for the purposes of Colocation, Disaster Recovery Services and Cloud Services. OneColo is on the bleeding edge of new technology and design concepts in order for the facility to be the most efficient solution for you and your customers in our Tampa datacenter.

OneColo's Tampa Datacenter is centrally located in Florida. Clients from around the country and locally in Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, St. Pete utilize the OneColo colocation facility to keep their equipment local and within easy reach.

Tampa Data Center

Easy access to our facility via I-4. For more information and directions to our facility from Tampa, FL please
Click Here

Orlando Data Center

We are a 45 minute drive from Orlando on I-4. For more information and directions to our facility from Orlando, FL please Click Here

Daytona Data Center

Daytona customers can get to our facility in 1 hour and 45 minutes. For more information and directions to our facility from Daytona, FL please Click Here

Bradenton Data Center

Bradenton is just a hour drive to us. For more information and directions to our facility from Bradenton, FL please Click Here



OneColo’s new Tampa data center opened it's doors in 2013. In addition to being an extremely reliable network the speed and global reach is unparalleled locally. Each of the critical assets within our Tampa data center are not only new but they frequently tested and highly maintained. OneColo has contracts with numerous vendors for preventive maintenance to the CRAC units, UPS, PDU, Batteries, Generator, Fuel Pumps, Leak Detection and Fire Suppression systems.
Most data center facilities have generators, UPS systems, etc. OneColo maintains its systems through manufacturer approved vendors. Improper or inconsistent maintenance can often lead to system failures at the very time when they're needed.
Does your Data Center maintain their equipment properly and regularly? Ask them to show you their maintenance records.



The OneColo network consists of 5 transit providers including AT&T, Level3, Time Warner, Sprint, Qwest, and Verizon. We route our transit via BGP4 and Noction Intelligence Routing protocols. In simple terms we always utilize the absolute fastest path across our carriers even when the shortest amount of hops may not be the fastest path. OneColo also privately peers with over 300 US networks. Without question, OneColo maintains the fastest, most diverse and best network of any data center in Florida.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Because OneColo maintains thousands of its own dedicated servers, virtual private servers and the VPS cloud our 24/7/365 technical support staff is expertly skilled in many things. We have experts in both Linux and Windows. Our techs are very familiar with Voice Over IP VOIP systems, Gaming Servers, SQL Servers, Mail Servers, Virtualized Servers, Cloud Systems, Web Hosting Servers, Proxy Servers etc… There are going to be times when it may not be convenient or possible for you to remotely work on your server.

There are going to be times when you are unable to drive to our Florida colocation facility to physically access your server. Rest assured at OneColo if you require some special assistance, we have technicians on-site 24/7 who have knowledge of your software and hardware and are happy to help. Additionally, because we maintain thousands of our own systems from Dell and SuperMicro, we have plenty of spare parts in our inventory if you have a hardware failure and need a quick fix. At other Florida colocation data centers in similar situations you are stuck until you get down there and fix it yourself.

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